New Day family, we want to take a moment to celebrate. God is doing amazing things! We are moments away from reaching the halfway mark of our House of David fundraiser and a few months from moving into our phase 1 building. 

After 12 years of being a mobile church, in July 2021, New Day purchased 12 acres of land in an optimum location.  In December of that year, we invited our church family to join with the goal of raising funds in order to build a “house that beats with the heart of David”.  Experts in the field of church fundraising advised us raising pledges of 1 million dollars would be a colossal miracle for a church our size. God did a miracle! Within short order, pledges exceeded 1 million dollars as families, individuals and friends from afar joined together to make this happen. We were overcome with awe and gratitude. 

The chapel facility will neatly replace our current rental spaces, providing us with office/work space, counseling rooms and educational spaces for youth and children. Most importantly, we have our own unique space for Sunday worship. The new chapel will also offer expanded capacity for ministries that are outgrowing their space. This building is only the first step in developing this property. We are not just looking at the present but to what God will do in this place 100 years down the road and after - until Jesus returns!

New Day family, we are so thankful for every penny that you have given. The Lord is truly making a way for us. We are pleased to say that we are ahead of schedule by $24,000. There has been both pledge money coming in as well as other generous donations that have kept us on track. 

Next Steps

We are profoundly grateful to those who have already joined in our efforts to raise the funds during the pledge fundraiser which began 18 months ago. You have helped us to make history, fulfill prophecy and to build our future. We are thankful for every dollar that each person has invested.  We trust The Lord to enable you to fulfill what He has laid upon your heart.

However, some of you may have missed out. Perhaps you were not able or present to join in at the beginning of the pledge drive. Well, the good news is that it is not too late - you can still pledge to The House of David or make a one time offering to build this “house that will beat the heart of David!” 

There are two ways to get involved: 

  1. Pledge -  For those joining in on the second half: Look at the table below to see that every contribution adds up over time. We would love for you to connect with the Lord and your family to determine how much you are able to contribute. We are not raising the goal for our pledge; we have already reached it! Any additional pledges will help with costs associated with the building like moving expenses, paying down the loan or getting a head start on phase 2! 
  1. Moving Expenses -  This covers costs that include chairs, cabinets, furnishings, upgrades to our sound system, stage lighting, and other equipment. It will also go to cover any increase of construction costs that have come up. We expect moving expenses to total $150,000. We have full confidence that the Lord will provide! This is an opportunity to participate in a kingdom investment that will impact generations in this region for decades to come!

Original Campaign Launch: December 2023

Our Past

Our beginnings are the stuff that dreams are made of. Literally!

During a supernatural encounter, Jesus gave us clear instructions regarding the exact place and mandate for New Day Community Church "Build a house that beats with the heart of David". Taking an enormous leap of faith, Scott and Stephanie Jones moved with their 4 little children to Summerville in September 2008. By April of 2009, the rest of the launch team had arrived from other states and we were ready for Sunday mornings! Our first service was launched at the YMCA at The Ponds with a handful of people. Over the last 12 years New Day has grown steadily and consistently into a church that has touched our community, region, and many nations through missions, training, and kingdom investments. We have seen marriages saved, bodies healed, souls restored and delivered, and lonely people find a family.

Our Present

We began with 2 adults and 4 kids. Today our weekly attendance is up to 300. The Lord has added to our numbers all whilst we have been setting up and tearing down church each Sunday. In July 2021 we purchased 12 acres of land in an optimum location. Growth is a blessing. However, growth has presented the following list of challenges:

  • Our church office/meeting facility is significantly too small to accommodate our current weekly events and gatherings.
  • Youth Group and our training schools are outgrowing the Wellspring Meeting Space.
  • The hotel venue presents safety/security, reliability, and parking issues.
  • Setting up and tearing down imposes limitations and burdens upon our ministry teams. Particularly Kids and Worship ministries.
  • The effectiveness and freedom off ur church ministries at large are hemmed in on every side by lack of usable and predictable meeting space to fulfill our God given mission.

Our Future

We have only just begun! God has done so much and we are thrilled.

But, there is so much more that He has promised to accomplish in and through our church community. Together, we have turned a corner and it is now time for us to build "a house that beats with the heart of David".

Our Phase 1 plan is to build a stand alone chapel on the property. This building functions as a stepping stone to get us onto the land and into our own building. A larger building is in the plans for the future but don't underestimate what this facility can do!

  • We will be able to adequately host our growing mid-sized groups: Youth Group, Young Adults, Live Oaks, etc. With Phase 1 complete these groups would be able to accommodate 100+ people.
  • Core Team meetings and Volunteer Teams would have plenty of room for planning and visions meetings.
  • Small groups throughout the week will have more flexibility and better support.
  • We will have a facility with which to interface with the local community.
  • A place of joy, laughter, and hosting community events for the church.
  • Our worship and video teams will be able to grow to the next level of excellence since the practice space for worship will be the actual place for worship.
  • Best of all, we will be able to meet for Sunday church in our very own facility.
  • Over the years the chapel will continue to be a part of the vibrant life of the church even after we move into Phase 2.

What This Project Will Look Like

The costs in front of us:

  1. Debt Service - Currently, our church has one debt: the land. For the first 12 years of the church we were debt free! Part of the loan that we will be getting will cover the refinancing of the church property which currently holds a mortgage of $575,000.
  2. Construction and Site Work - The Chapel and accompanying site work is estimated at $1.6 million. This will give us the building, parking, lighting, and any required buffers and landscaping required by the county.

During the month of November we will be kicking off a fundraiser event called "House of David" based on the initial dream that led us here. The total loan amount for the project is $2.1 million dollars. With our "House of David" campaign our goal is to raise $1 million dollars.

The capitol campaign will accomplish the following:

  • Allow us to obtain the loan for the project by covering the $300,000 gap in loan to value requirements.
  • Allow us to pay down $700,000 debt on the total loan amount.
  • Our current financial status allows us to afford the monthly payments on any remaining debt.

Being freed from our current leases and agreements, as well as investing equity into the property on Jedburg Road, will help us thrive in the present and prepare for the amazing things that God has coming in the future.

Here is what a pledge to gift over time might look like:

House Of David Pledge Chart

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